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Mellow | Matte Reflective Premium


With a rectangular design, these sunglasses are characterized by spring-hinged temples that introduce a new level of fit and comfort to our sunglasses, while remaining lightweight and extremely flexible thanks to its Memory Frame Technology. The Mellow has a slightly tipped front to leg combination to accommodate a tighter fit towards the cheekbones, making these sunglasses fit just right if you are looking for a slim-fit rectangular look. It’s featuring a revolutionary new lens technology, that makes the lenses Matte Reflective from the outside, but completely clear from the inside. The evolution of this technology has brought us the all-new Matte Reflective Premium lenses, which are even more matte than before.

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World's first
matte reflective eyewear

Designed with intricate precision and craftsmanship at entry level affordability. Our Matte Reflective Lens Technology combines the same physical capabilities as regular, reflective lenses, but now coupled with a brand-new technology that revolutionizes the way you look at sunglasses. Our Matte Reflective Lenses eliminate the mirror-like reflection on the outside, but without sacrificing the optical quality and visual enhancement properties of the lenses.

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  • Durable: Featuring our all tested and proven memory thermoplastic frame that offers the strength, flexibility, and weight reduction unseen by other sunglasses in this price range.
  • Matte Reflective: Enter the new era of eyewear technology. Matte Reflective from the outside, but completely clear from the inside! Now even more matte than before.
  • Hydrophobic: Revolutionary in this price range is our |Hydro Lens Technology|. Offering a water, dirt, and grease repellent coating for maximum performance!
  • Style: Stylish without frills, the Mellow has a high-quality injection-molded frame made from our Memory Frame Technology.
  • Protection: Protect your eyes, each lens has UV400 protection, is scratch resistant and shatterproof with CE and FDA approval.
  • Comfort: The Mellow has a lightweight frame with spring-loaded hinges for maximum comfort.
  • Rubberized: Softer, sturdier, and less likely to move around. Our all-new rubber series is super comfy for hours to wear!
  • Lightweight: With a total weight of just shy of 20 grams you hardly notice it’s there!
  • Strong: Our all-new |Memory Frame Technology| offers rigidity, strength, and flexibility to our frames.
  • Sizing: The Mellow has a front-tipped rectangular look that is a fraction larger than its sibling the Melange. The Mellow is medium-sized and measures at 145mm wide and 49mm high.