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Our Story

High Performance at Entry Level Affordability.

Mariener Eyewear is the place to be when shopping for cool and affordable sunglasses. Our unisex styles match each unique individual with a wide variety of frame and lens shapes. Our shades represent a classic look, combined with the latest in eye wear technology.

Where it all began

What started back in 2012 as a way to figure out how to own a pair of affordable sunglasses matching his exact specifications, turned global when our founder Marien realized how positive the feedback was when he initially started selling them locally.

Performance on all levels

We pride ourselves in designing high performance products at entry level affordability. Whether it be sunglasses, snow goggles or even motocross goggles. We are always on the hunt for new and innovative technologies.

Defying all odds by being unique

We knew we had to up our game in order to stand out from the crowd. With a shoestring budget it’s hard to develop something totally unique, but we defied all the odds when we launched our Matte Reflective Lens Technology back in 2017.

Three years later and we did the unthinkable again and introduced the world’s first Matte Reflective Snow Goggle.

Throughout the years, Mariener Eyewear has embarked upon a mission to change the way affordable shades are perceived. No longer should affordable sunglasses be made from brittle plastic that last just one summer. Our frames are made from a durable and flexible material and equipped with impact-resistant lenses, with a long-lasting hydrophobic coating against dirt, grease and water. This means you can use them in sports, on the beach, while driving, or even down the ski slopes.

Experience the world through our Matte Reflective Lenses

Enter the new era of eye wear technology. Matte Reflective from the outside, but completely clear from the inside! Mariener Eyewear launched a brand new lens technology thanks to the help of crowdfunding.




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