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How do I safely clean my sunglasses?

The lenses of our sunglasses can be cleaned with the included free microfiber bag. With the microfibre cloth, dust particles and stains can be safely polished from the lenses without damaging the coating. Our glasses are equipped with a hydrophobic coating that easily removes water, greasy fingers and dust.

The advantages of a microfiber cloth

The advantage of a microfiber cloth is that they clean well and leave no streaks with little to no force (low friction pressure). Microfibers have spaces between the fibers. Moisture and dirt can collect in these spaces. As a result, microfiber cloths have a very large absorbent ability, to collect moisture and dirt  More than cotton wipes for example. And no cleaning products are required. The microfiber bag can be used repeatedly. Optionally, the dust particles can first be removed by submerging the glasses under lukewarm running water.

Cleaning the lenses with soap is not recommended because the chemicals in the soap can react to the coating of the lenses. A non-chemical soap, such as green soap, could be used to clean extremely dirty glasses.

When the microfiber bag has become dirty, the bag can be washed at 30 degrees. It is advised not to use a fabric softener. The fabric softener leaves a greasy residue that can leave a haze over the lenses when the microfiber bag is used to clean the lenses.

We do not recommend to clean the lenses with

  • Garments: Dirt can settle in the fabric, which can cause micro scratches. Never use a t-shirt or the end of a sleeve to clean your lenses.
  • Moisturized cleaning cloths, toilet paper or tissue paper: these wipes contain wooden fibers that can scratch the lenses.     
  • Lenscleaner, glass cleaners or other cleaning agents: the contents of these cleaning agents can permanently damage the coating of the lenses.    
  • Chemical soaps, like most types of dish washing liquid or hand soap.

Here are a few more tips that keeps you enjoying your sunglasses as long as possible.

  • Screws may loosen over time, do not over tighten the screws, as this may cause the material of the legs to burst. Tighten the screws and loosen a quarter to half a turn just in case.
  • Sunburn and other sun lotions can damage the paint and coating on the frame, always make sure that you have completely applied the lotion and removed any residue from your hands before putting the sunglasses on.
  • Avoid submerging frames under salt water, as certain frames and coatings will corrode over time. If you have been in the sea or if salt water has hit a lens, we advise you to clean it as soon as possible.
  • Never allow sunglasses to rest on the lenses. This can cause scratches. If you want to guarantee a long lifespan, we advise you to always store the glasses in a microfiber bag.



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