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Can I leave my sunglasses in the car?

Yes you can, but not all sunglasses can. Based on the technical characteristics of our sunglasses it will not be a problem to leave your sunglasses in the car. Our sunglasses should be able to handle the heat in a car thanks to its memory frame technology. However, we recommend to always store your shades in the microfiber bag that is included with each pair of sunglasses. Preferably on a spot out of direct sunlight.

Unlike other sunglasses in this price range, our sunglasses are resistant to higher temperatures, the frames with our Memory Frame Technology can withstand temperatures of 80 to 100 degrees Celsius. This would allow you to leave your sunglasses on the dashboard.

Storing sunglasses for a longer period of time

When driving, it is advisable not to place the sunglasses with lenses facing down. The lenses are finished with a scratch-resistant layer, but moving back and forth over the lens for a longer period of time can eventually scratch the coating of the lens. We recommend storing them away from direct sunlight if they are not used for a longer period time.




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