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How to prevent your sunglasses from fogging up

Ever stepped out of your car and our glasses instantly fogged up? Or whenever you walk inside a store and your lenses fog up to the point where you can’t see anything through the anymore? Easily the most frustrating thing about wearing glasses. Luckily for anyone wearing a pair of Mariener Sunglasses these situations rarely occur. We’ll tell you why in a bit.

When do lenses fog up?

Fogged up lenses occur on a daily basis, mostly when you are in activities like:

  • When you are working out and breathing heavily.
  • Sipping on a hot cup of coffee, tea or soup.
  • Stepping inside a store when it is cold outside.
  • Cooking on a hot stove.

Why do lenses fog up?

In humid conditions, when the air is warm and humid, your glasses can fog. The air comes into contact with the cold surface of the lens, so that the water that vaporizes in the air condenses as drops on the surface of your lens. This usually occurs when you wear lenses made from glass. Our poly carbonate lenses have a tendency not to fog up as the material takes longer to contain the cold, as in glass usually gets cold real easy. Good to know, our snow-goggles don’t fog up at all, thanks to their acrylic double lens technology!

Tips to reduce fogging of your lenses

  • Make sure you do not wipe the lenses, this causes streaks that give you less vision.     
  • Also make sure that you do not use a rough cloth, this can scratch the glasses.     
  • Give the lenses enough time and air to get rid of the condensation in a natural way.     
  • Before you put on the glasses, it is advisable to cool down, the less you sweat, the less fast you have condensation.
  • Wear a headband while working out, this way it can collect the sweat and helps reduce the condensation that can build up on your glasses.
  • Whatever you do. Do not use any chemicals to try and reduce fogging of your lenses! It may affect the material and reduce your vision and ultimately destroy your lenses.



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