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Tips to prevent your sunglasses from sliding off

Obviously one of the biggest annoyance of sunglasses are painful nose bridges, sore ears and sunglasses sliding off your head. We’ll discuss about fixing the later. Your shades, like any other type of accesory, should fit properly. This means not too snug, not too wide. Just right. And with sunglasses it may be hard to find a proper fitting pair, especially on the internet. Hate it when you keep pushing your shades back up when they slide down the bridge of your nose? There are a couple of factors that may improve your fit.

What to do about sunglasses sliding off your nose.

  1. As it stands today, our sunglasses are all made from a thermoplastic material that remains in shape even after heat or cold. We like to call it our Memory Frame Technology. We don’t advise to bend them beyond a point to keep them at a certain fit on your head. But don’t worry, you still have some options left.
  2. Don’t want to risk losing your sunglasses? Pick a pair with our rubber finish. They’ll eliminate any chance of you losing your sunglasses because they grip your head much better than shiny, possibly greasy frames after wearing them for a longer period of time.
  3. In case we add a frame made from some type of metal core, or frames completely made out of metal, then you can easily bend the temples to fit your head. Don’t over do it, as metal starts to fatigue after bending them too many times.

Things not to do, to make them fit.

  1. We advise against heating up the temples and forming them by hand. Plastics become brittle over time, especially when they are confronted with excessive heat and cold temperatures. Besides damaging the internal structure of the material, you may melt the temples by excessive heat and permanently damage the coating when using heat to try and bend them into position.
  2. Don’t use excessive force to try and bend the temple or frame into position. This will only put the frame into distress and possibly crack the frame if too much force is applied. If the sunglasses don’t fit properly, than try a different type of sunglasses
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