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Introducing Matte Reflective lenses for sunglasses

Wouldn’t it be cool to bring something different to the table? This is what we discussed with our R&D team dedicated to bringing you the best and one of a kind lenses out there. Not long after we started mapping out the road that became the introduction of our Matte Reflective Lenses. Mariener Eyewear is the first in the world to offer these lenses, coupled by intricate precision and craftsmanship.

What are Matte Reflective Lenses?

Our Matte Reflective Lens Technology combines the same physical capabilities as regular, reflective lenses, but now coupled with a brand new technology that revolutionizes the way you look at sunglasses. Our Matte Lenses eliminates the mirror-like reflection on the outside, but without sacrificing the optical quality and visual enhancement properties of the lenses. By making them Matte Reflective, we needed to figure out how much effect we were able to achieve, without losing the quality of vision.

The importance of keeping hazing at a minimum with matte lenses.

Haze is not something common to talk about when eye wear is mentioned in the same sentence. Usually haze is something commonly talked about in photography or even car detailing. Hazing however is a very important factor in guaranteeing an optimum visibility through our lenses. Typically, with regular, reflective surfaces, hazing is not a factor to thing about as there is very little to no disruption of how light passes through the lenses. But with our Matte Reflective lenses we shift the way light travels through the lens by the use of several anti glare coatings in between the different layers of coatings. We want as much of a matte effect on the lenses, but keep hazing at a minimum.

“Haze is an optical phenomenon that can affect appearance quality. The reflection from an ideal high gloss see through surface should be clear and radiant, however due to microscopic structures or textures (≈ 0.01mm wavelength) the reflection can appear milky or hazy reducing the quality of its overall appearance.”

Our lenses are all tested by international standards (ASTM) that determine transmission, hazing and clarity.

What makes our lenses stand out from the rest?

For starters, our lenses are extremely affordable compared to the competition. Where as the competition uses a polarization film to achieve a matte look, making them darker (the nature of a polarization film) and more expensive. We’ve opted to use a variety of high precision coatings that creates an optical pure, high contrast matte look.

Using the power of the community by launching our very own Kickstarter campaign

Wondered how these eventually came to life? We fulfilled our dream of making a difference in the industry. A never before seen technology introducing by a relatively small brand such as ourselves are big enough when we put our minds together. Therefore we’ve aspired to use the power of the community by starting a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to fund the final steps of bringing this to a small MOQ production capability and bring these matte lenses to our products.

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

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