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5 misconceptions about sunglasses.

With the summer approaching, it seemed right to use to take some time and correct a few misconceptions about sunglasses that are often discussed. To what should you really pay attention when making a decision what sunglasses to get. Despite the fact that sunglasses have existed for years and the technology is ever evolving, there are still a number of stubborn misconceptions. We’ve put them in a list for you.

Top 5 misconceptions about sunglasses

Cheaper sunglasses do not offer the same protection as expensive designer shades.Outrageous nonsense of course.
Cheaper sunglasses offer the same protection against harmful UV radiation as their expensive counterparts. But let’s not forget, a Fiat is not a Ferrari. Therefore, pay attention to the technical characteristics of certain cheaper brands and compares these with other brands. This way you can compare apples with apples. More and more brands, including Mariener Eyewear, are developing their products so efficiently that technology becomes more accessible in the lower price ranges.

When buying sunglasses, pay attention to whether they are dark enough because. Because darker sunglasses offer more protection from the sun.
It couldn’t be further from the truth. Darker lenses offer the same UV protection as lighter lenses. Of course darker glasses are more comfortable when the sun is extra low and ultra bright, simply because a larger portion of the light is blocked. In our article about cheaper sunglasses we indicate that all sunglasses must meet strong requirements before they can be sold in the Netherlands, UV protection is therefore not related to how dark the lenses are. Any sunglasses, no matter how light or dark they are, provide the same protection against harmful UV radiation!

My eyes don’t suffer much during the day, so i won’t need a pair of sunglasses.
Wrong! Your eyes need protection all year round. Even on cloudy, rainy days the sun produces enough UV radiation to generate a negative and harmful effect to your eyes! Did you know that besides your skin, you are also able to get sunburned eyes? As with burned skin, the cornea recovers automatically, but in the long term it can cause damage, such as cataract later in life.

Children don’t need any sunglasses, a baseball cap is sufficient.
Especially children must be well protected from the sun. Parents give their children a T-shirt to prevent them from getting a sunburn, or kneepads and a helmet when they go skateboarding. Why not give them a pair of kids sunglasses? UV damage to the eyes takes place mostly before an 18th birthday. That is why it is wise to always have a pair of sunglasses on hand. An additional advantage is the unbreakable lenses of poly carbonate. This helps when they play rough or when a few stones shoot up during cycling.

Polarized sunglasses are much better for your eyes than regular non polarized sunglasses.
Polarized sunglasses increase comfort and clarity of your vision, because annoying glare is filtered out and an overkill of contrast is blocked. Although polarized lenses are definitely recommended, they offer basically the same amount of UV protection as non-polarized lenses.

There you have it, the 5 common misconceptions about sunglasses put in a row. Interested in even more facts about sunglasses? Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed.




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