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Kids sunglasses don’t have to be expensive

As soon as the weather starts to get better you suddenly see everyone walking around with sunglasses.  Adults increasingly think about the dangers of the sun. Keep applying sunscreen to protect yourself against harmful UV radiation, radiation that also has an adverse effect on your yes! Unfortunately for children, we don’t see a whole lot of parents take this extra precaution for their kids (apart from a cap) to protect their precious eyes against the sun.

With our affordable kids sunglasses there is no reason why not to invest in a pair for your child as well. Did you know that we also have a line of children’s sunglasses that are cool looking, flexible, can take a beating and are not expensive at all?

Choose the right material

Our sunglasses block 100% of harmful UV light, for example on the beach or in the mountains. And even if your child likes to move around a lot? No problem. But then opt for sunglasses that can take a beating, this means no glass! Glass can cause injuries in accidents. Our kids sunglasses are therefore made of an extremely strong but flexible Memory Frame Technology, combined with poly carbonate lenses that are coated with a durable hydrophobic and anti-scratch coating to keep them performing even during the toughest of times.

Here are a few extra tips for buying the right sunglasses

  • Do not choose special sunglasses that are too dark. A darker shade does not mean that it blocks more UV radiation. Therefore go for sunglasses with a maximum of CAT-3 Lenses. 
  • Make sure the sunglasses fits well. A pair of sunglasses may have a bit of space as long as it protects the entire portion of both eyes properly. The frame should not slide off the nose or get in the way of playing.     
  • Afraid that your child looses his or her pair of sunglasses? Use a Nylon cord to prevent it from falling to the ground. And don’t worry about it breaking, if there is too much force on the cord then the rubber grips will release automatically.



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