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Which sunglasses fit my headshape?

We have different types of sunglasses. Something for everyone! But which glasses fits best with your?

Everything stands and falls with personal preference, but there are also some “rules”. Below we indicate which type of frame fits which face shape. Do you want to know how to recognize your face shape? Stand in front of the mirror and (if necessary) put your hair aside. Draw the contours of your face on the mirror with, for example, a whiteboard marker, a labello or something else that is easy to remove. What form do you see?

The different face shapes:

  • Square face:
    pronounced cheekbones, a broad forehead and / or an angular jaw? Then you can best choose round and oval shapes as sunglasses, which soften the angular features. It is better not to opt for square angular frames.
  • Round face:
    It is best to choose a frame that is as wide or slightly wider than the widest part of your face. Go for a somewhat narrow shape of the lenses so that the contrasting angular shape will make your face look longer and slimmer. It is better not to opt for a round frame.
  • Elongated face:
    Do you have a narrow face, which is approximately the same width in length. Then a square or round pair of sunglasses fits you best. These shapes make your face look shorter. An elongated face can have a slightly larger frame, because this is often in balance with the rest of the face.
  • Diamond-shaped face:
    With your wide cheekbones and your narrow forehead and chin, a frame with oval glass or rounded corners suits you the best.
  • Oval face:
    An oval face is usually symmetrical and with this face almost all forms of sunglasses frames will fit.
  • Heart shape:
    Your face is wide above and narrowing towards the chin. The best option would be an aviator styled pair of sunglasses, or partially rimless sunglasses.

Below you’ll find a walk through, through our different Mariener models with information about which face shape fits best for each model.

The Mariener Melange: a classical shaped sunglasses suitable for men and women and children 12 years and up. The Melange is our pride and joy. It’s what kickstarted the brand and during the years the model has been refined to the current version. The material have been further optimized, but we have remained true to our first and most successful model.

The Melange is basically a “fits all” model. We notice that the glasses are good for everyone, provided the shape of the head is not too big. Pay attention to the dimensions of this model. Which can be found on the product page.

With this model it is also possible to put together your own unique combination of sunglasses.

Our tip: take a look at our unique matte reflective lenses that are available for this type of frame.

For anyone with a round, rectangular, heart-shaped or oval face, we have the Mariener Makan. The Makan is a tougher and sportier pair of glasses than the Melange. Often worn by people who want glasses that shape around the head. The glasses are a bit bigger than the Melange.

The Mariener Mana is our version of the well-known oversized sunglasses. This Mariener Mana is, like all our sunglasses, equipped with our Memory Frame Technology and therefore flexible. Despite the larger model, our glasses remain lightweight. People who are used to looking for large sunglasses or Classic styles are at the right place with the Mana. The Mana is suitable for people with a square face, rectangular, oval or heart-shaped face.

The Motion can be compared to an Aviator model and has a double nose bridge. The lenses of the Motion are a bit higher and bigger than our other frames. These glasses are less often appreciated by people with a narrow or smaller head. They often experience the glasses as very large. So these are suitable for people with a rectangular face, oval or heart-shaped face.

Melange Jr:
Our Mariener Melange is the big sibbling of the Melange Jr. We have converted our successful frame into a smaller model for children. Our children’s glasses are worn by children aged between 5 and 12 years. These sunglasses are just as flexible and can therefore withstand a bump now and then.

Key factors that determine your optimal eyewear fit!

  1. The width of the frame should always match the width of your face. This basically means that whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, the frame should not hang off the side of your face. This basically means the frame is too wide. There are certain exceptions to this rule for oversized aviators and unusual shaped frames (square etc) but for the most part, the frame shouldn’t exceed your face. If you can see the sides of the temples then the frame is too narrow.
  2. It is okay to see your eyebrows above the frame. Too big of a frame covers too much of your face and this would look weird. Ideally it shows about half of your eyebrows when the frame is properly adjusted on top of your nose.
  3. More importantly, your eyeballs should be directly in the center of the lens.
  4. The temples should fit snug around your head and ideally fit around your ears as much as possible. For some frames you can carefully bend the temples to keep them in place. For our frames with our Memory Frame Technology it is advised not to bent them as they would bounce right back into its previous shape, they are called memory frames after all :).



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