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Are cheaper sunglasses just as good as expensive ones?

The bottom-line, yes cheaper sunglasses are just as safe as expensive sunglasses. All sunglasses in the Netherlands and Europe must comply with strict rules before they can be sold. That does not mean that there is no difference between the different brands and type of sunglasses though.

What should I pay attention to when buying sunglasses?

The Dutch “Oogfonds” Eye foundation lists a number of crucial pointers (Dutch) to look out for when you are shopping for sunglasses. There are certain requirements that sunglasses should meet in order to provide safe protection against harmful UV radiation from the sun. Exposure to excessive UV radiation increases the risk of various diseases of the eye and a permanent deterioration of vision. Just as with many disorders, the affect only occurs after an accumulation of damage over a longer period of time.

Factors to take into consideration when shopping for sunglasses:

  1. The sunglasses give 100% UV protection. This indication is usually on a sticker or in the description of the glasses as 100% UV or UV400.
    All our products offer 100% protection against harmful UV radiation and are equipped with UV400 protection. Our sunglasses and goggles can therefore wear you confidently on the brightest and hottest days without harming your eyes!
  2. The lenses and frame must fit well. Make sure that the frame is large enough so that UV light can not reach your eyes through the top, bottom or sides.
    Thanks to our wide range of models, it is always possible to find a pair of sunglasses that meets your criteria. This includes children from ages 5 and up. Check our product overview for all types of frames.
  3. Each pair of sunglasses has to have a CE mark with a description of the type of protection, from 0 to 4. This number indicates the blocking intensity of the lenses or the protection against glare. Absorption of at least 75% is recommended. That is why it is recommended to choose lenses with CAT3 protection.
    Almost all of our sunglasses, ski and cross glasses fall within category 3. That means that between 8 and 17% of the light is transmitted. That makes our sunglasses as functional as possible without being too light or too dark for everyday use.
  4. The lenses must be optically pure and free from distortions.
    Our lenses are fabricatd in calibrated machines and are subjected to quality control, which guarantees the safety and performance of our products. This means in practice that our lenses will not distort the image. Our lenses comply with regulations and are pleasant to look through.
  5. It is not a necessity, but depending on the use it may be good to choose for polarized lenses, so that bothersome glare can be neutralized.
    Some swear by the use of polarized sunglasses, the other does not see the need for this. To learn more about what polarization does, you can read our article about polarized sunglasses. With some of our frames you can choose  to have polarized lenses fitted. We have polarized lenses in the colors, black, brown and green. For a complete overview, see our product page.
  6. The lenses must be made of unbreakable polycarbonate.
    Generally more expensive sunglasses use real glass. This is more expensive and makes the sunglasses a lot heavier, but they are more resilient to scratches. With lenses of real glass it is possible to add subscription to sunglasses. Our lenses are made of an almost indestructible polycarbonate. The lenses are stronger than the safety requirements that they must meet. The anti-scratch treatment is just as powerful and as an icing on the cake all our lenses are also provided with a durable hydrophobic coating against dirt and greasy fingers. Swipe one of our handy microfiber bags over the lenses and they are like new!

How does Mariener make the difference in a super competitive market of sunglasses?

As we’ve explained above, all our sunglasses meet the quality requirements for durable and safe sunglasses. So what is the big difference with big name-brands, why are those products much more expensive? It could be extra marketing, extra care into details and more logistics chains. We at Mariener opt for efficiency, or as we define it as “high performance for entry level affordability”.




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